Market Overview


The Indian cosmetics market has experienced substantial growth, ranking fourth globally in generating revenue from the beauty and personal care sector. Projections indicate a steady Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.23% over the next five years. The color cosmetics market, driven by the acceptance of western culture and the preferences of the younger generation, is witnessing rapid expansion. The Indian beauty market has evolved significantly, and it is expected to grow from $16.5 billion in 2023 to $18.4 billion by 2026, reflecting an impressive growth rate of 11.5 percent.


India, a colossal market brimming with opportunities, stands as one of the world’s largest. The confluence of escalating disposable income and evolving lifestyles among Indian consumers has ignited an insatiable demand for cosmetic products, catapulting this industry into a thriving realm.

  • Vast market, offering boundless brand opportunities.
  • Surging demand due to increased disposable income and evolving lifestyles.
  • Valued at billions, India’s cosmetic market thrives.
  • Strong economic growth with a GDP surpassing $2 trillion.
  • Favorable government initiatives attract investments, fostering cosmetic industry growth.


  • Global beauty market revenue in 2022: $430 billion.
  • India’s Beauty & Personal Care market projected CAGR: 3.38% (2023-2027).
  • Anticipated market volume in 2027: $31.10 billion.
  • Indian cosmetics segment CAGR: 2.87% (2023-2027).
  • Estimated market volume in 2027: $7.02 billion.
  • Flourishing innovation by domestic and international brands to meet diverse consumer preferences.
  • Digital technology adoption fuels industry growth, enhancing consumer access and engagement.
  • Resilient post-pandemic outlook: Expected industry revenue by 2027: $101 billion.